English 4: “What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?” Wrap-Up

We kicked off the third quarter and Unit 4 with “What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?”, a narrative piece of non-fiction by Charlie LeDuff, a former New York Times reporter who moved back to his hometown of Detroit in 2008. The piece was first published in the magazine Mother Jones in 2010. He later turned the piece into a full-length book, “Detroit: An American Autopsy” (2013). (Here’s a link to a review.) We have a copy of it downstairs in the KIPP NYC College Pep library. LeDuff is now a TV personality for Fox News in Detroit.

In this piece, LeDuff traces the story of 7-year-old girl, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, who was killed during a police raid, to find out why something like this could happen. In the course of telling this story, LeDuff attempts to diagnose all of the problems currently ailing the city of Detroit.

Click here to download the text for “What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?” 

Important Dates:

Socratic Seminar: Friday, Feb. 6 and Monday, Feb. 9

Quiz: Tuesday, Feb. 10

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English 4: Unit 3 Body Paragraph Assignments

Below are the readings and materials you’ll need to complete your Body Paragraph assignments for “Soccer v. McWorld” (due in early January) and “Dr. Daedalus” (due Friday, Feb. 6 at 4 pm). All outside writing assignments should be done on Google Docs, so they will be saved forever. Copies of your completed assignment should be printed out and handed to Mr. Kratz. You can almost always find Mr. Kratz in the library after school until 5:30 pm.

“Soccer vs. McWorld” (Due Jan. 7): Text | Body Paragraphs Prompt #1 | BP Rubric

Soccer Intro 1 | Soccer Intro 2 (copy and paste one into BP assignment)

“Dr. Daedalus” (Due Feb. 6): Text | Quiz | Body Paragraphs Prompt #2 | BP Rubric

Daedalus Intro 1 | Daedalus Intro 2 (copy and paste one into BP assignment)

*Reminder: Assignments received after Feb. 6 will lose 25% of earned score.