English 4: Kamber/Schlosser Socratic Seminar Prompts Preview

We will be conducting  a Socratic Seminar on Monday, September 28 and Tuesday, September 29 to dig into central ideas and arguments being made in our new pair of essays, “Toil and Temptation” and “In the Strawberry Fields”.  To prepare, you should read through both essays and annotate them generously. If you want to prep further for the seminar prompts, you can take a look at the them here by clicking here. If, for whatever reason, you misplaced your essay packet, you can download them here.

Also, here’s a link to the Bronx Documentary Center, which was founded by “Toil and Temptation” author and photojournalist Michael Kamber. There’s always something cool going on there. I encourage everyone to check it out!


English 4: Rose/Postrel (Shopping Essays) Resources and Notes

Below you’ll find the essays, prompts and important schedule notes about our first official reading of the year. Click on the links to access the materials on your computer or to print them out to bring home with you.

The reading Quiz will be on Monday, Sept. 21. It’s an open-note quiz, which means you can use your seminar notes, annotated texts and the book “Overdressed”.

Final Note: If you haven’t done so already, please turn in your Rose/Postrel annotations and your signed (by you and your parent/guardian) Commitment to Excellence pledge.

Any questions, please contact Mr. Kratz!