Journalism: Q1 Assignments, Materials and Resources

Hello Young Reporters! We’ve come to the end of our first Unit, which also coincides with the end of Quarter 1. In this Unit we’ve focused on the foundations of good journalism and becoming news literate. You should now be able to take any article, video or any other type of information and be able to evaluate what it is, whether it’s newsworthy and how credible it is. This is an important skill that you will take with you as become an adult. It will be useful whenever you need to evaluate information in whatever profession you choose and as a productive and knowledgeable citizen of the world.

Below are links to the Q1 assignments and resources. If you’re missing anything, just click on the link, download the assignment and print it out. Then complete the work and place it in my turn-in box in Room 408 (near the door on the bookshelf).

Reading and Writing Diagnostic

Personal Academic Survey

News Literacy Survey

Info Zones Worksheet / Info Zones Examples

Newsworthiness Paragraph (must be from NY Times)

Newscast for an Audience

1st Amendment and Watchdog Quiz

Credibility Worksheet (need to evaluate 3 articles)

Unit 1 Assessment / Article for Unit 1 Assessment

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Kratz at or 646-656-1706.


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