English 4: 2nd Quarter Assignments and Materials

Greetings English 4 Writers! As we enter winter break, we are also coming to the end of the 2nd Quarter. Essentially, we will have two weeks of class before midterms and the end of the grading period, so this is crunch time. The only work assigned for break is the “Dr. Daedalus” essay, which we’ll be discussing in Socratic Seminar on the Monday (1/4) and Tuesday (1/5) when we return. But many of you are still missing back work and this break is a tremendous opportunity to get caught up. I will have Belkin Intros and all Chua revisions graded by the time we come back on Jan. 4. You’ll be able to revise Butler and/or Belkin up until Jan. 15.

Below are all the materials and assignments that you can still make up and receive credit for (there are also a couple of supplemental videos at the bottom of the post). If you haven’t completed Chua revisions yet, it’s now too late, so you should focus on Butler and Belkin. I want to encourage everyone to revise their Intros. Nothing else will have a bigger impact on your grade this quarter than your scores on those assignments. If you do revise your work, all you need to do is email me — akratz@kippnyccp.org — with a simple: “Butler revisions are complete” or, after they’re graded, “Belkin revisions are complete”. And don’t hesitate to reach out to me during break. I’ll be checking email periodically, so have patience if I don’t respond right away. Good luck and happy writing!

Extra Source Analysis Sheets (1, 2, 3 and 4 were due by 12/18; 5 and 6 will be due Friday, Jan. 8)


“What Broke My Father’s Heart” by Katy Butler

Copy of the text for annotations

Introductory Paragraph Assignment and Prompt


“The Made-to-Order Savior” by Lisa Belkin

Copy of the text for annotations

Introductory Paragraph Assignment and Prompt


“Strange Creatures” by Susan Blackmore

Copy of the text for annotations


“Dr. Daedalus” by Lauren Slater

Copy of the text for annotations

“Dr. Daedalus” Essay (Body Paragraphs) Prompt and Introductions (must choose one and insert it into your essay) (Due Tuesday, Jan. 19, 5:30 pm)

NY Times Video supplement for Dr. Daedalus reading:


Learned Optimism Video:


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