Journalism: Q4 Materials, Resources and Deadlines

Hello Bulldog Reporters! Below you’ll find all of this final quarter’s graded assignments, materials, resources, interesting links and important upcoming deadlines. If you’re missing anything (remember: if you miss class you are responsible for making up any missed assignments), simply download the assignment by clicking on the link and print it out, either at home or at school (the library is open every day until 5 or 5:30!). Let me know if you have any questions or need any help with any assignment.

***Final Deadline for make-up work extended to Friday, 6/17!***

Q4 Graded Assignments (through 4/22):

Cloak of Silence Text (need this to answer “Cloak of Silence” Seminar Questions)

“Cloak of Silence” Seminar Questions 

Opinion Brief (response to “Cloak of Silence” and other 40th Precinct NY Times articles)

“Let’s Talk About Black on Black Violence” by Leonard Pitts (annotate the text, specifically focusing on Pitts’ use of tone and diction to determine fact vs. opinion)

“Black on Black Violence” Tweet (140-character response to Pitts’ column)

Humor Column (Your chance to rant about the absurdity of the world! Using vivid details and humor)

Final Project: Building Your Blog (Deadline: 6/17)

Building Your Blog (list and descriptions of all 6 posts you need to include on your blog)

“Man on the Street” questions for blog post (Instructions)

40th Precinct Murder Links Blog Post (Instructions)




English 4: 4th Quarter Resources and Assignments

[Updated 5/30]

Hello English 4 Writers! We’ve reached the 4th Quarter, the final chapter of our journey together toward preparing you to succeed with any writing task you encounter in college. At the same time, we’ll continue to develop our voice as writers, build our vocabularies and gain confidence in being able to complete a well-developed research paper! Below are all of the materials and resources you’ll need to access this quarter in order to complete your reading writing assignments. I’ll also also include due dates and other important information in this space as the quarter continues.

***Important Note: From now on, when you complete any essay or want to re-submit a revision, YOU MUST EMAIL ME at with the subject telling me the name of the essay you’re submitting for evaluation.

Important Dates and Deadlines:

*Final Examination: Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3. You’ll write a fully-developed essay based on a short passage of non-fiction text over the course of two days or 100 minutes (longer for those with an IEP). One final test of your ability to decipher any text thrown your way and respond to it by crafting a compelling, well-developed argument. You’re ready!  (But we’ll do a little practice on Tuesday to make sure we’re in fighting shape.)

*Prose/Fallows Essay, Due Monday, June 6

*Gladwell/LeDuff revisions, Due Monday, June 6

*Research Paper revisions, Due Monday, June 6

*Extra Credit Research Paper, Due Monday, June 6

*#Hashtag Activism Essay, Due Monday, June 6

*Unit 5 and Unit 6 vocab quiz re-takes (Monday-Friday, after school in 408, through Friday, June 9; explore and build your writing tool set at

*Q4 Calendar (updated 5/17) Includes our schedule, goals and deadlines, through the end of the year.

*Prose and Fallows Quizzes: Due June 6

*Annotated Texts: Due June 6

Materials for Gladwell/LeDuff Essay: “Diagnose Detroit” (Due: April 22, 4:30 pm)

— Text: “Power of Context” by Malcolm Gladwell

— Text: “What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?” by Charlie LeDuff

— Quiz: “What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?”

— Gladwell/LeDuff Essay Prompt: “Diagnose Detroit” (Due: April 22, 4:30 pm)

Detailed Essay Outline and Organizer Tool


Research Paper Resources (evolving, checking back for updates here):

— Research Paper Checklist (Everything you should be thinking about as write and finalize your research paper!)

— Works Cited Guide

— EBSCO address (check your gmail for log-in info):

— EBSCO Research Guide

— Alternative (or Extra Credit) Research Paper Seed Text Options (Plus Inquiry Question worksheet)

Detailed Essay Outline and Organizer Tool

Note: Extra Credit (or alternative) Research Papers must include 4 valid source from EBSCO, including the seed text article.


Materials for Prose/Fallows

— Text: Francine Prose’s “Voting Democracy Off the Island”

Quiz: “Voting Democracy Off the Island”

Text: James Fallows’ “Win in China”

Quiz: “Win in China”

Prose/Fallows Essay Topic and Assignment (Due June 6)

*Detailed Essay Outline and Organizer Tool


Materials for Cobb/Gladwell (#hashtag activism)

— Text: Malcolm Gladwell’s “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted”

— Text: Jelani Cobb’s “The Matter of Black Lives”

— Essay Topic: #hashtag activism (Will the Black Lives Matter movement succeed?)

*Detailed Essay Outline and Organizer ToolDetailed Essay Outline and Organizer Tool