English 4: Q1 Assignments, Deadlines, Materials and More

Click on the links to download materials, assignments, prompts and handouts


Materials and Resources

English 4 Syllabus and Commitment to Excellence

“Shopping and Other Spiritual Adventures in America Today” (Rose) and “In Praise of Chain Stores” (Postrel)

In The Strawberry Fields (Eric Schlosser)

“Toil and Temptation”(Kamber)

“Dogs Snarling Together” (Rivoli)

Vocabulary Work

Much of our vocabulary work this year will be done online on Vocabulary.com, either during or outside of class. Your goal when using this site is to practice using the given words in several different ways in order to lock it into your mind and make it a part of your writing toolbox.

In your KIPP gmail account, Mr. Kratz sent you an invitation to join our class on Vocabulary.com. You can easily find it by searching “vocabulary.com” in the search bar at the top of your gmail inbox. After clicking on the link to join the class, follow the instructions and get started!

You can also enroll by clicking on this link associated with your class:

2nd Period: http://vocab.com/join/16CEJQ2

3rd Period: http://vocab.com/join/32MSACH

6th Period: http://vocab.com/join/11QKHNY

8th Period: http://vocab.com/join/1YTWCVN

Upcoming Assignments and Deadlines

*Assignment #1 (HW grade): Summer Reading Responses (Due: Sept. 8)

*Socratic Seminar, Kamber/Schlosser (10/6 and 10/7 – SS notes due)

*Kamber and Schlosser annotations (Due: 10/7)

*Kamber/Schlosser/Cline Reading Quiz (10/11)

*Personal Statement Revisions (Due 10/21, printed, 5 pm))


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