English 4: Q2 Materials, Resources, Assignments, Deadlines and More

Welcome to Q2, young writers! This quarter we’ll be focused on sharpening our skills in crafting different elements of a strong expository essay, starting at the beginning with writing quality introductory paragraphs that include a well-developed, clear and debatable thesis. We’ll move on to the presentation of your argument and evidence in your body paragraphs and finishing with a strong conclusion. Below you’ll find links to all the deadlines, materials and resources you’ll need to succeed this quarters. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Kratz!

Upcoming Schedule and Deadlines

*Mid-term is Wednesday and Thursday, 1/18 – 1/19


*First submissions for Introductory Paragraphs on Butler (“What Broke My Father’s Heart?”) and Chua (“Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”) will no longer be accepted. If you failed to submit either of these major assessments (test grades = 60% of overall grade), then you must write an Introduction on Lisa Belkin’s “Made-to-Order Savior” and submit it via turnitin.com. Click for the Belkin Intro prompt and guidelines. You can also submit the Belkin Intro for extra credit. The last day to submit Intros (revised Chua/Butler or Belkin) is Friday, Jan. 20 at 11:59 pm.


“Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” by Amy Chua

“What Broke My Father’s Heart” by Katy Butler

“Made-to-Order Savior” by Lisa Belkin

“Strange Creatures” by Susan Blackmore

“Dr. Daedalus” by Lauren Slater

“On Habit” by Alain de Botton

“Bumping into Mr. Ravioli” by Adam Gopnik


*De Botton/Gopnik Prompt

*”Dr. Daedalus” Essay – Thesis Options and Detailed Outline Included

*Belkin Expository Essay Introductory Paragraph “Made-to-Order Savior” (Alternative if you failed to submit Chua or Butler Intros or Extra Credit)

*Chua Expository Essay Introductory Paragraph “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”

*Butler Expository Essay Introductory Paragraph “What Broke My Father’s Heart?”

Note: All process-writing assignments must be submitted via turnitin.com. Click here for a step-by-step guide on submitting your work on turnitin.com as well as a sample introductory paragraph.

*Late writing assessment policy: Major writing assessments will be marked down 10% for each day it is submitted after the original deadline. After 5 business days (not including weekends or holidays), Mr. Kratz will not accept late writing assignments.

*Late text annotations: Text annotations make up almost the entirety of your homework grade in English 4 and are due on the final day of Socratic Seminar for any given text(s) we’re working through as a class. If you fail to turn in annotations by the end of seminar, you have until the start of the next seminar to submit annotations for up to 80% of full credit (basically, a 50/50 becomes a 40/50, a 40/50 becomes a 30/50, and so on).

 Vocabulary Work

*The 15 “Strange Creatures Vocab Quiz” words must be mastered by Tuesday, Jan. 3, for Quiz credit. Find the words in one of your class assignments on vocabulary.com. 

*Master the 22 on your “Dr. Daedalus” assignment for Extra Credit by Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017. Find the words in one of your class assignments on vocabulary.com. 

*Your first vocabulary quiz will be based on your ability to “master” the words in the assignment labeled “What Broke My Father’s Heart? Quiz” on vocabulary.com. You have until Nov. 29 to “master” these words, which means you need to practice them until you answer the words multiple (probably 4 or more) times in a row. Mastering 20 words should take you between 45-60 minutes.


Much of our vocabulary work this year will be done online on Vocabulary.com, either during or outside of class. Your goal when using this site is to practice using the given words in several different ways in order to lock it into your mind and make it a part of your writing toolbox.

In your KIPP gmail account, Mr. Kratz sent you an invitation to join our class on Vocabulary.com. You can easily find it by searching “vocabulary.com” in the search bar at the top of your gmail inbox. After clicking on the link to join the class, follow the instructions and get started!

You can also enroll by clicking on this link associated with your class:

2nd Period: http://vocab.com/join/16CEJQ2

3rd Period: http://vocab.com/join/32MSACH

6th Period: http://vocab.com/join/11QKHNY

8th Period: http://vocab.com/join/1YTWCVN

Short-Response Reading Quizzes

“Made-to-Order Savior”

“Strange Creatures”

“Dr. Daedalus”

Outside Resources

Purdue OWL Writing Lab (tips and help for any part of the writing process)