Kratz’s English 4: Q4 Agenda, Assignments and Resources

E4 Agenda: End of the Year


For the remainder of the year, we’re focused on finishing the year strong and going into next year knowing you’re prepared for the rigors of college writing.

Many of you are in a good place with your development and your grade, but there are still opportunities to improve in both areas:

1) Take the Final Exam. If you’re failing for the year, this is mandatory and a tremendous opportunity to boost your grade, as well as another chance to work on crafting a college-level on-demand expository essay.

2) Revise your Senior Thesis. Work on polishing up a long-form expository research essay and gain valuable test points. Submit to “Re-Submission – Senior Thesis Final Copy” by Monday, 6/12, 11:59 am.

3) Grammar and vocabulary work: finish assignments and quizzes on and When you complete assignments, email Mr. Kratz at

4) Submit outstanding annotations: “The Power of Context”, “What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?” and “Welcome to Newburgh”.


Assignments (click to download work)

“State of Your Future City Project” (Test Credit!!!). Research, argument and presentation. Due: 5/17. Share Google Slides PPT with Mr. Kratz at for credit.

Crime Theory Reading Comprehension and Writing Quiz, due 5/8.

“Welcome to Newburgh” by Patrick Raden Keefe annotations and seminar (HW), due 5/5.

“What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?” annotations (HW) and Socratic Seminar (CW), due 5/1.

“What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?” vocabulary quiz (Quiz) on Due: 5/2, 11:59 pm

Appositives Phrases – Practice (CW), style practice on

Commas for Clarity – Quiz (Quiz), style quiz on Due, 5/9.

Commas for Clarity – Practice (CW), style practice on Due: 5/2.

“The Power of Context” writing quiz (Quiz), due 4/24.

“The Power of Context” vocab quiz (Quiz) on

“The Power of Context” annotations (HW) and Socratic Seminar (CW), due 4/21.

Senior Thesis Revision Submission (HW), due 4/16, via You will lose 10% credit each day this is late and your Senior Thesis – Research Paper 2017 will become a zero (until it is submitted).

MLA Citations – Quiz (Quiz) on, due 4/6; you can make up 25% of credit by completing the MLA Citations – Practice sessions.

Embedding Quotes – Quiz (Quiz) on, due 4/17; you can make up 25% of credit by completing the Embedding Quotes Practice sessions.

Peer Editing (Classwork), due 4/5 ; no make-up. If you weren’t here, you will be exempt. (Unless you were skipping class!)


The Power of Context” by Malcolm Gladwell

“What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?” by Charlie LeDuff

“Welcome to Newburgh, Murder Capital of New York” by Patrick Radden Keefe


Senior Thesis Research Materials and Guides:

— Click here for Research Paper – Guidelines and Rubric (this includes all requirements, a scoring breakdown and your criteria for success)

— EBSCO Research Guide and Requirements

Research Paper Checklist 2017 (Everything you should be thinking about as you write and before your finalize and submit your research paper!)

— Works Cited Guide

Click here more information on MLA style citation and Works Cited (from Purdue OWL – college writing lab)

— Quick Fix- Editing Checklist for Essays