English 4: All Materials for 2nd Quarter Makeup Work

Important Notes: All makeup work for Mr. Kratz is due Tuesday, January 27¬†Thursday, January 29 at 5 p.m. When deciding what to revise and resubmit, know that grading for this quarter is heavily weighted toward out-of-class writing assignments — the Intros, especially — and the midterm (60% – midterm can’t be retaken), then quizzes (15%), then homework/annotations (15%), then classwork (10%). Body paragraph assignments will count toward Q3 grades.¬†

Access materials and assignments for all the readings we’ve completed this quarter. Just click on the link to download the document, prompt or quiz you need. Then turn them into Mr. Kratz attached to the original, graded copy of your assignment.

Unit 2 

“Why Chinese Mother’s are Superior”: Text | Quiz | Intro Prompt | Intro Rubric

“What Broke My Father’s Heart”: Text | Quiz | Intro Prompt | Intro Rubric

“The Made to Order Savior”: Text | Quiz | Intro Prompt | Intro Rubric

*Lined Paper for Quizzes

Unit 3

“Strange Creatures”: Text | Quiz

“Soccer vs. McWorld”: Text | Body Paragraphs Prompt #1 | Paraprhase Work | BP Rubric

“Dr. Daedalus”: Text | Quiz | Body Paragraphs Prompt #2 | BP Rubric

*Lined Paper for Quizzes