English 4: Q3 Updates, Materials, Deadlines and Resources

Upcoming Agenda: 3/27-3/31

This week we’re focused on finalizing and submitting our expository research papers!!! Being able to turn in a quality final copy on Tuesday will go a long way toward showing your college readiness and building your confidence for the next level of academia.

A draft of your expository research essays are due on Monday, March 27, at the beginning of class. (Extra Credit – if completed will make up for missing Source Analysis sheets and/or low-scoring grades on previous assignments.)

The final copy of your expository research essays are due on Tuesday, March 28, at 11:59 pm. and must be submitted via turnitin.com. (Students will earn up to 50 Test points for submitting completed research papers that fulfill all of the requirements on-time and 10 points extra credit. Procrastinators, this is your chance to make up ground and prove you’re college ready!).

Note: If you don’t complete your research essay by the deadline, you will lose 10% off the top of your score each day it’s late. Final deadline for credit is Monday at 8:20 am.

Click here for Research Paper – Guidelines and Rubric (this includes all requirements, a scoring breakdown and your criteria for success)

After the deadline on Tuesday night, we’ll work on revising our Gopnik / De Botton essays, which must be submitted via turnitin.com by Monday, April 3, 8:20 am.

For those who maxed out their credit because of lateness will have the opportunity to make up some ground with a new assignment:

***Read and annotate “Live and Learn” by Louis Menand (download and print out 2-sided!), then write a complete 5-paragraph expository essay about it.

The Prompt: Why do we have college? Guidelines: Full heading (single-spaced), title, Times New Roman, 12-pt font, double-space the body.

“Live and Learn” Annotations = replacement scores for missing “Ravioli” annotations or up to 2 source analysis sheets

“Live and Learn” Essay = up to 20 extra credit Test points

Research Materials

Click here for Research Paper – Guidelines and Rubric (this includes all requirements, a scoring breakdown and your criteria for success)

Source Analysis Sheets (need 4 total; include more for extra credit!)

EBSCO Research Guide and Requirements

Research Paper Checklist 2017 (Everything you should be thinking about as you write and before your finalize and submit your research paper!)

— Works Cited Guide

Click here more information on MLA style citation and Works Cited

— Quick Fix- Editing Checklist for Essays


“On Habit” by Alain de Botton

“Bumping into Mr. Ravioli” by Adam Gopnik


Gopnik/De Botton Essay Prompt (Due 2/13, 11:59 pm)

Detailed Outline Organizer for Essays


(All of your vocabulary work this year will be on vocabulary.com. Each quiz will consist of you mastering the given set of words on this site through practice and repetition in using the words in a variety of ways. See quiz deadlines and instructions below.)

Quiz #1: “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli” Quiz (must be mastered by 3/24)


Vocabulary.com Instructions: Much of our vocabulary work this year will be done online on Vocabulary.com, either during or outside of class. Your goal when using this site is to practice using the given words in several different ways in order to lock it into your mind and make it a part of your writing toolbox.

In your KIPP gmail account, Mr. Kratz sent you an invitation to join our class on Vocabulary.com. You can easily find it by searching “vocabulary.com” in the search bar at the top of your gmail inbox. After clicking on the link to join the class, follow the instructions and get started!

You can also enroll by clicking on this link associated with your class:

2nd Period: http://vocab.com/join/16CEJQ2

3rd Period: http://vocab.com/join/32MSACH

6th Period: http://vocab.com/join/11QKHNY

8th Period: http://vocab.com/join/1YTWCVN


Journalism: Q4 Materials, Resources and Deadlines

Hello Bulldog Reporters! Below you’ll find all of this final quarter’s graded assignments, materials, resources, interesting links and important upcoming deadlines. If you’re missing anything (remember: if you miss class you are responsible for making up any missed assignments), simply download the assignment by clicking on the link and print it out, either at home or at school (the library is open every day until 5 or 5:30!). Let me know if you have any questions or need any help with any assignment.

***Final Deadline for make-up work extended to Friday, 6/17!***

Q4 Graded Assignments (through 4/22):

Cloak of Silence Text (need this to answer “Cloak of Silence” Seminar Questions)

“Cloak of Silence” Seminar Questions 

Opinion Brief (response to “Cloak of Silence” and other 40th Precinct NY Times articles)

“Let’s Talk About Black on Black Violence” by Leonard Pitts (annotate the text, specifically focusing on Pitts’ use of tone and diction to determine fact vs. opinion)

“Black on Black Violence” Tweet (140-character response to Pitts’ column)

Humor Column (Your chance to rant about the absurdity of the world! Using vivid details and humor)

Final Project: Building Your Blog (Deadline: 6/17)

Building Your Blog (list and descriptions of all 6 posts you need to include on your blog)

“Man on the Street” questions for blog post (Instructions)

40th Precinct Murder Links Blog Post (Instructions)



Journalism: Q1 Assignments, Materials and Resources

Hello Young Reporters! We’ve come to the end of our first Unit, which also coincides with the end of Quarter 1. In this Unit we’ve focused on the foundations of good journalism and becoming news literate. You should now be able to take any article, video or any other type of information and be able to evaluate what it is, whether it’s newsworthy and how credible it is. This is an important skill that you will take with you as become an adult. It will be useful whenever you need to evaluate information in whatever profession you choose and as a productive and knowledgeable citizen of the world.

Below are links to the Q1 assignments and resources. If you’re missing anything, just click on the link, download the assignment and print it out. Then complete the work and place it in my turn-in box in Room 408 (near the door on the bookshelf).

Reading and Writing Diagnostic

Personal Academic Survey

News Literacy Survey

Info Zones Worksheet / Info Zones Examples

Newsworthiness Paragraph (must be from NY Times)

Newscast for an Audience

1st Amendment and Watchdog Quiz

Credibility Worksheet (need to evaluate 3 articles)

Unit 1 Assessment / Article for Unit 1 Assessment

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Kratz at akratz@kippnyc.org or 646-656-1706.

Mysterious Eyesores in Melrose are the last vestiges of the Bronx past

By Natasha Thomas

In the Melrose area, a mystery is unfolding amongst the residents and neighbors.

“They are gonna [be] condominiums and small houses for rent and sale,” said an unnamed resident.

“I’ve been hearing stories for years. It’s ridiculous!” said Judy Soto, 54

What these residents are discussing is the construction that has been happening on and off in several of the vacant lots in the area. For years, neighbors have been talking about what lies behind the number of construction fences. People of the neighborhood have taken to gossip in hopes of some sort of insight. As years have gone on, it is clear that no one is 100% certain about what will fill these empty lots.   Continue reading